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kiteboarding lessons

Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding lessons from a qualified instructor are essential if you are interested in learning to kiteboard. Many beginners fall into the trap of allowing themselves to be taught by their kiteboarding friends and this can not only be dangerous, but usually slows down progression. The 30 Knots team regularly experiences novice kiteboarders getting into difficulties, due to a lack of professional instruction. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking lessons from a qualified instructor, in order to learn in a safe, controlled manner. Making this investment up front will not only enable you to kiteboard safely,  but will actually accelerate your learning experience.

 If you are living in or visiting Florida (especially the Tampa Bay area), the great news is that you can book your kiteboarding lessons with our very own sister company, Kiteboarding St. Petersburg. With warm, shallow waters and less gusty winds than many other places around the World, 30 Knots home waters are the perfect place to learn. Jet ski support is provided to maximize your time on the water and all necessary equipment is provided within the lesson costs.

If you live elsewhere in the World, we recommend contacting an IKO Kiteboard Center.