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30 Knots Brand Ambassadors

Think you can contribute to the success and growth of 30 Knots by becoming one of our Brand Ambassadors?

30 Knots Brand Ambassadors are passionate kiteboarders who make positive contributions to the growth of both the 30 Knots Kiteboarding brand and to the sport in general. Whilst our Ambassadors are not professional riders, they are consistently promoting our brand and the sport via Social Media, and wear their 30 Knots ethical apparel with pride whenever possible.

30 Knots Brand Ambassadors also qualify for substantial discounts on all apparel and accessories (as well as some occasional free swag!) and earn rewards when members of their social network buy apparel and accessories from the 30 Knots online store. We track the use of unique codes provided to our Ambassadors and apply reward credits against these purchases. Credits can then be redeemed for cash or against all merchandise in our store.

Please note that 30 Knots Brand Ambassador status does have an approval process and comes with a responsibility to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to the brand. If you are interested in joining the team, please email us at info@30knotskiteboarding.com, telling us how you think you can help us and and links to your social media pages. Even better, why not include a link to a short video showing your riding skills?!