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30 Knots Story

Whilst sitting on the beach relaxing after an epic session in the Dominican Republic, a group of fanatical kiteboarders were discussing how there was a lack of dedicated kiteboarding apparel available. While drawing kite shapes in the sand, they noticed that by linking 3 kites together, it actually looked like the number 30 and thought it would look pretty cool as a kiteboarding logo. Coincidentally the wind that afternoon had peaked at around 30 Knots and so fate decided things right there and then…30 Knots was born.

But simply creating a range of kiteboard apparel was not enough for 30 Knots founders; utilizing sustainable fabrics was also a pre-requisite. A number of eco-materials were sourced, with bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester (the latter is actually made from reclaimed plastic bottles) being chosen as the core fabrics. These materials are used in all 30 Knots t-shirts, polos, hoodies and beanies.

After receiving tremendous support for the initial range of ethical apparel, 30 Knots has decided to add some other accessories to the range. These include our changing robes, polarized sunglasses and some other cool stuff, all aimed at improving your enjoyment on and off the water. Stay tuned to the web site for further announcements, or even better, sign up to receive 30 Knots Newsletter so you can keep up to date with all the latest developments, both at 30 Knots and with kiteboarding in general.

Our Mission

30 Knots founders have a passion for the environment in the same way we we do about kiteboarding. We aspire to follow the lead of brands such as Patagonia, which has a really strong focus on sustainability and philanthropy. As a result, 30 Knots aims to maintain an ethical business model and the use of eco-friendly materials wherever possible. This applies to our products and extends right through to our labeling and packaging. 30 Knots mission is to push the boundaries on and off the water, with a desire to one day become a 100% carbon neutral business.

Whilst kiteboarding is fast growing, it is still considered niche and 30 Knots has a strong desire to help turn it into a mainstream sport, that is accessible by everyone, regardless of age or gender. As we continue to grow the 30 Knots brand, we will also be offering marketing and branding support to existing kite schools around the World, as well as opening new ones of our own, via the implementation of the 30 Knots Kiteboarding Academy. By providing qualified, structured tuition, from IKO certified instructors, our aim is to make kiteboarding just as popular as surfing.

Our Team

30 Knots is a team of passionate individuals, which includes our staff, our Team Riders and our Brand Ambassadors. Two things make up our core culture, a passion for kiteboarding and our respect for the environment. Kiteboarding is already pretty environmentally friendly, but all of our team remains focused on ensuring that we do all we can to reduce the environmental impact of our business and our awesome sport.

By supporting the 30 Knots brand, you are by default joining our movement and we truly appreciate that! We hope to see you out on the water soon.

The 30 Knots Team